Important Failsafe For HVAC Systems: The Right Transformer

We all love keeping ourselves warm and cozy using our heaters during the cold days or when it is winter season and we all appreciate the cooling powers of our air conditioners during the hot summer days when the sun shines with all its glory. These are both examples are parts of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in our home.

HVAC systems can be found in almost every household nowadays and every industrial or commercial buildings and companies. They keep us not only comfortable, but at the same time safe by cleaning and filtering our air from dust, dirt, bacteria, molds, and gases that can displace the oxygen in the air like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, wherein their overwhelming presence can greatly give discomfort and can even make us develop breathing problems or other respiratory related illnesses.

Since HVAC systems are important in our everyday life, it would be important to note and set up a failsafe system for them. This is where the use of transformers come in. They have many roles in HVAC systems to keep it regulated, efficient, and safe.

The heart of controlling you HVAC system is the thermostat. A thermostat monitors the temperature that you have indoors and controls it via the HVAC system you have placed and set up. What gives the thermostat life and makes sure that it’s safe from low and high voltages?

Thermostats obtain power from step down transformers. The transformer regulates the current flowing through your thermostat and HVAC system to keep the voltage correct. Why is this important? A lower than the minimum voltage will not allow your HVAC and thermostat systems to function properly or function at all.

On the other hand, a voltage received higher than the maximum voltage would burn your system and cause sparks and great amount of damage to your HVAC parts, this could also be the cause of a fire starting out and is therefore considered a fire hazard. Aside from these, the transformer is also responsible for the keeping the damage to your internal circuits minimal, especially during energy surges or sudden energy blackouts.

In conclusion, it is crucial to be able to pick the perfect and most compatible transformer for the HVAC system and thermostat that you chose and want to set up in your home or office. The tiny little device can make or break your project and will go a long way of keeping your system effective and efficient.